Alton Towers

How to get a discount on tickets for Alton Towers

Alton Towers is widely known in the UK as one of the best theme park attractions that the country has to offer, and is a popular trip for families, couples and groups of friends. The theme park which is located in Staffordshire at the heart of the UK is the biggest in the country and has around 2.1 million visitors enjoying all it has to offers every year, which was report in 2018. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the Alton Towers Resort was open all year round, but the theme park itself shuts during the winter and reopens during the spring. The resort includes a spa, a water-park, various restaurants and bars and more. Prices for tickets depends on how many days you will be going to the resort for and there are single-day passes or seasonal passes that we will be covering in this article. We'll also suggest some websites you can use to get deals and discounts for your future trip to Alton Towers.

How Much Do Tickets Cost At The Door?

Tickets for Alton Towers are usually more expensive when you buy it at the gate. Single-day passes cost as follows: children passes (aged 3-11) cost £48 at the door and £28.50 on the official Alton Towers website if you book 5 days in advance. Adult passes (for everyone aged 12 and over) are £58 at the door and £34 in advance. Though children under 3 go free, there is also an additional offer for people who choose to go as a group. If you are in a group of 7 or more, each ticket will cost £56 at the door or £32 in advance.

The official website also offers two seasonal passes for those of you who would like to go to the theme park again and again. This 2020 standard season pass costs £58. Similarly, the 2020 premium season pass allows you to do this as well but for £75 you can also get car parking and access to the Scarefest event during Halloween. Both of these passes are valid until November 8th 2020.

Of course, we recommend that you opt for buying the tickets online if possible as this will save you some money. For more potential deals and discounts, we have a few suggested websites you can look through, as listed below. often has deals and discount codes that you can use to get cheaper tickets to theme parks, including Alton Towers. This website will either give you the discount code that you can use when you check out from your online order or takes you to a link where the discount is automatically implemented into the total cost of the tickets.

Though the name may be similar to the previous website that was suggested, is a different website that often has deals and discount codes that you can use to get cheaper tickets.

Another website that you can use to occasionally find discounts on tickets is You may need to keep an eye out on this website in particular as the deals and discounts change on a regular basis.

Discounts on Hotels and Accommodation

There are many hotels and accommodation that are all local to where Alton Towers resides, and many of them are owned or in partnership with the theme park. This means that you can often find deals that work out to be much cheaper than if you were to invest in tickets and sleeping arrangements separately. Depending on the hotel you can get free Wi-Fi, parking and early access to the resorts. Some of the most popular hotels are the Alton Towers Hotel, Splash Landings Hotel and CBeebies Land Hotel. If you choose to stay at the Alton Towers Hotel you will also get free tickets to the theme park. You can get tickets to the hotel here.

If you want cheap deals on other accommodation in the area check out

A Final Note

Please keep in mind that the deals and websites that we have recommended in this article are subject to change. Deals and prices of tickets and accommodation typically change on a daily basis and this means that you may need to keep your eye out for deals to find the cheapest option. Don’t forget that we have a calculator on the Park Detail Page on our website that you can use to find further discounts. All of the websites and information presented should still be useful and relevant after the COVID-19 pandemic.