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How to get a discount on tickets for Siam Park in Tenerife

If you're thinking about going to a water park, you should definitely consider sliding your way to Siam Park. This park is located in Costa Adeje in Tenerife which is great if you want a trip to a beautiful sunny island. This water park claims to be the greatest in Europe, and with its beautiful ten rides including the Nager Racer which is a racing slide with six lanes and The Dagon which is a 66ft tunnel slide that is overlooked by a giant dragon statue, many people would agree with that statement. Though it has many rides and activities for the entire family, it also has many relaxation spots as well, which makes it a great option for those who are seeking thrills and a peaceful holiday. This water slide typically has around 850,000 visitors every year, though it broke its own record by reaching 1.2 million visitors in 2017. Though the park is temporarily closed because of COVID-19, we will notify you on ticket themes that the park upheld before the pandemic, and make estimations on how much ticket prices will be once it reopens (and of course, where you can find deals). Before the outbreak, the park was open 365 days out of the year.

How Much Do Tickets Cost at the Door?

You can get tickets for the water park in person and online, and both options charge the same amount for their tickets on the official Siam Park website. There are various types of tickets that you could opt for such as single-day tickets, single-day tickets with lunch, adult and children tickets, winter tickets, premium tickets, all-inclusive tickets and the bus service tickets. Single-day adult tickets are 38€, with the child ticket being 26€. If you want to opt for a winter adult ticket, it will be around 57€ and the equivalent child ticket will be around 41€.

Children who are three years and younger go free. If you decide that you would like to go for a second day in the same week, you will need to talk to a staff member when you are already at the park. Instead of offering a two-day or three-day pass, oftentimes the park has offers for existing visitors to get admission into the park for much cheaper the next day. This cannot be ordered online, however, and must be done when you are at the park on your first day there.

Parking at the theme park costs 4€ but there may be additional charges on the day. These parking spaces are limited, however, so please be mindful of this before you go on your trip. If you will be going as a family of four with two adults and two children, you can expect the price of all of your tickets to be around 128€ (and 196€ for the winter ticket).


If you’re looking for some deals and discounts when it comes to your tickets, check out TripAadvisor.co.uk. This website sometimes has some great deals and discounts when it comes to tickets. Keep your eyes peeled for any new offers.


TravelRepublic.co.uk is also a great website that often has cheap deals and discounts on not only tickets but nearby hotels and other local attractions as well.


Another website that we recommend is Civitatis.com. Check this website to find up-to-date deals. Most of the time the price is the same as the price at the door but once in a while there's a big discount. 

Discounts on Hotels and Accommodation

Hotels local to the water park often have discounts or bundles that can make your stay in Tenerife much cheaper on the whole. The best hotel to go for in our opinion is Parque Cristobal Bungalows & Siam Park which offers free tickets to the water park when you stay there, meaning you will only need to pay for accommodation and food. If this is of interest to you, you can find tickets on Firstchoice.co.uk

A Final Note

Though it is uncertain when Siam Park will open due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, you can still purchase tickets online. Please keep in mind that the deals and websites that we have recommended in this article are subject to change and you may need to keep your eye out for deals to find the cheapest option. Don’t forget that we have a calculator on the Park Detail Page on our website that you can use to find the newest deals and discounts. With that being said, we hope this article was helpful and answered any of the questions you may have had about Siam Park and their tickets.