Thorpe Park

How to get the biggest discount on tickets for Thorpe Park in Surrey

Thorpe Park is located in Surrey in the south of England. It is known all over the world as not only does it have over thirty rides, live events and a themed hotel, but it also has the world’s fastest roller coaster - Stealth. The park first opened in May 1979 and consistently garnered between 1.7 and 2 million visitors every year in the last ten years. The park is closed during the winter due to the cold climate and reopens every March when the weather begins to get warmer. This is not the case in 2020, however, and the park will continue to stay closed until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, you can still get tickets for the end of April and onwards, though this may be subject to change. Tickets can range in price depending on if you want a simple single-day pass or want to go to the park over several days. The information listed below will generalise the pricings before the pandemic and offer some websites which may offer discounted tickets when the resort opens again in the future. Keep your eyes peeled for new discounts and deals daily.

How Much Do Tickets Cost At The Door?

You can opt for buying tickets online or at the gates of the theme park. Though we typically recommend selecting your tickets online (as it is cheaper than paying on the day at the gate and you can guarantee that you will be let in to the park) we know this isn’t always possible. Single-day tickets go for around £55 at the door but on the official Thorpe Park website, you can get the same ticket for £33.

Unlike other theme parks, Thorpe Park does not offer two-day (or more) passes or bundles unless you opt for a season ticket which is more on the pricier end. They also do not have child prices and everyone over the age of 3 must pay the standard price for a single-day ticket. If you do have children under that age, they can attend the park for free. For a family of four, buying tickets at the door will cost around £220. Parking costs between £7-£10 depending on if you book your tickets online or get them at the door.

The Daily Mail usually has discount codes and deals that you can use to get cheaper tickets to Thorpe Park. Most of the time, the website will take you to a website that already has a deal in place so you won't need a voucher or discount code every time.

The next website,, is a hub where any voucher that is available for Thorpe Park tickets will be presented to you. You will have to add it to Chrome for it to work as an extension connected to the browser but it may be something to consider, especially if you are always looking for deals.

The Guardian website often has links and valid vouchers that you can use to get cheaper tickets too. Due to the current issue with Coronavirus, there may be a lack of voucher codes at present. When the amusement park opens up again we expect there to be more deals and discounts available.

Discounts on Hotels

Thorpe Park has its own hotel, the Thorpe Shark Cabins. The Shark Cabin allows you to get extra deals and discounts in the theme park itself. Such deals include a free second-day pass, free fast-track passes so you won't have to wait in the queue and 10% off in retail, food and drink purchases when you're inside the park. You will also get free parking and breakfast during your stay and will be permitted into the park an hour earlier than everyone else, so you can enjoy the rides and attractions in peace. You can book tickets for the Thorpe Shark Cabins here.

A Final Note

Please keep in mind that the deals and websites that we have recommended in this article are subject to change. Deals and prices of tickets and accommodation typically change daily and this means that you may need to keep your eye out for deals to find the cheapest option. Don't forget that we have a calculator on the Park Detail Page on our website that you can use to find further discounts. Lastly, the information stated in this article may be subject to change due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, but at present, you can still get tickets to Thorpe Park and the Shark Cabins.