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The best deals for Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is comfortably Europe’s most famous theme park and with good reason. While the theme park frequently takes the top spot on children’s wish lists, people of all ages love to experience the magic of Disney. Across the theme park you’ll find an incredible 51 separate attractions (including 7 thrilling rollercoasters) that are themed to represent some of the most treasured Disney films and franchises. Visitors will find whole areas dedicated to Indiana Jones, Alice in Wonderland, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean and many more. As the Disney film production continues, the theme parks are also given updates and new rides based on Frozen and the Avengers are expected to land at Disneyland Paris within the following years. One of the theme parks biggest attractions though, is the opportunity for visitors to meet their favourite characters in real life. Characters across the Disney range including Mickey Mouse and friends, Disney princesses, heroes, sidekicks and even Disney villains can be found wandering around the theme park offering photographs, hugs and autographs to all their fans.

The theme park is separated into two main sections: Walt Disney Studios Park and Disneyland Park. Walt Disney Studios Park is aimed at slightly older visitors and features a cinema, scarier rides and immersive attractions that go into how the movies are made. Disneyland Park is centred around classic Disney magic and is adored by younger children. Its entrance is the grand Sleeping Beauty Castle and visitors will be captivated by the visually beautiful layouts throughout the park. In 2018, almost 10 million people visited the theme park to enjoy the enchanting scenes. Disneyland Paris is open throughout the year with various offers available depending on the season.

To get to Disneyland Paris, visitors actually need to make the 20-mile trip outside of Paris. However, getting there has been made easy with direct access from a motorway, a shuttle bus that takes you straight from the airport or a two-minute walk from the train station Marne-la-vallé2/Chessy. With countless hotels, hostels and Air BnBs in and around Paris, guests have numerous options for accommodation. However, Disneyland Paris has its own 8 hotels located on the resort, each with a different fun theme and the option to buy hotel and park ticket package deals.

Tickets at the door

There are multiple ticket options at the gate to Disneyland Paris. They include 1 Day / 1 Park, 1 Day / 2 Parks and 2 Day / 2 Park. The most popular option is 1 Day / 2 Parks, however, each option is display below. Child is ages 3-11 and Adult is 12+.

  • 1 day / 1 park Adult: €89 Child: €82
  • 1 day / 2 park Adult: €109 Child: €102
  • 2 day / 2 park Adult €179 Child €165

For the most popular ticket option 1 day 2 parks a family of 4 would pay €422 Disney Car Park costs €30 for cars and vehicles over 2m high and with more than 9 seats. Campervans cost €45 and Motorbikes cost €25

Hotel packages

Disney offer many package deals for visitors to combine their trip to the theme - park with a stay in a Disney Hotel. Offers change depending in the time of the year but parking is always free for all Hotel Guest and guests get extra time in the Disney parks.

Deals and Discounts

365 Tickets

Discounted tickets up to 31% are available from 365 Tickets website. They include scannable e-tickets and a free standard fast pass to jump the queues.


Find discounted Disney Tickets in the Isango website. The earlier you book, the better the discount.


Wowcher offer multiple Disney deals on their website. They mostly offer package deals which are only relevant for certain numbers of guests or at particular times of the year. However, their large range of offers means you’re sure to find some fabulous deal opportunities.

Budget Travel

Budget Travel have partnered with multiple non-Disney hotels to create brilliant package deals. These deals include access to the Disney park, flights and hotel accommodation. With some deals you can also find airport transfers and extra benefits. Check out their website to find the right package for you.


Prices of tickets and the various discounts available are correct at the time of writing. However, readers should be aware that these are subject to change. Always make sure to check out our Disneyland Paris page as this shows all available deals to make sure you get the best possible ticket deal!