The best deals for EuropaPark in Germany

Europapark is unquestionably Germany’s biggest theme park. However, true to its theme, it is located in the border triangle shared by Germany, France and Switzerland. Taking inspiration from countries across the continent, Europapark features 100 rides (including 13 rollercoasters!) across 15 different ‘lands’. With 5.7 million visitors in 2017, Europapark is the second most popular theme park in Europe.

Visitors can benefit from seeing the best of Europe all in one place. Enjoy delicious Italian pizza while gazing over the piazza Roma before strolling between the windmills of Holland. Other represented countries include Greece where you can discover the ancient gods and Iceland which is full of myths and legends. Become an explorer in Portugal and roam the mountains in Austria. Visit an English pavilion before strolling through Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Russia, Switzerland, Scandinavia and Spain.

Europapark has a brilliant collection of rides ranging from kid-friendly delights to terrifying attractions for thrill-seekers. There are also a decent amount of water rides that are guaranteed to leave guests dripping. Other than rides and rollercoasters, visitors can enjoy a venetian gondola rise or a fantastical ride in a hot air balloon. Additionally, there are countless shows, concerts and events that alter depending on the season. In the evenings, as a welcome break from trekking the globe, guests can head to the cinema.

Sitting between three countries, Europapark couldn’t be more accessible. For guests travelling by car, Europa-park is a few minutes off of the A5 motorway. The nearest train station is Ringsheim/Herbolzheim which can be easily reached by frequent rail services. once at the station, visitors can walk the 4km to Europa-Park or take the 7231 bus service.

So what's the price at the door?

Summer 2021 tickets are a standard price whether bought at the gate or online. Visitors can choose between a 1 day ticket or a ticket for 2 days of entry. bought at the gate or online

1 day entry

  • Infant (under 4): FREE
  • Children (4-11): €52.00
  • Adults: (12+): €60.00
  • Seniors (60+): €52.00

2 days entry

  • Infant: FREE
  • Child : €86
  • Adult: €104.00
  • Senior: €86

The cost for a family of four including 2 adults and 2 children for one day of admission would come to €204. Parking pass for one day is €28.

Accommodation Packages

Europapark hotels are also heavily themed, each representing the culture of a new country. Tickets for Europapark are bought separately from the hotel bookings, however, hotel guests do get a range of benefits. Free parking is available for those with a car as well as a complimentary shuttle-service between hotel and theme park. Additionally, guests get VIP access to Europapark and get extra time in Rulantica.


That's a good question. At Tikata we always manage to find at least a small discount but for Europapark it's really really hard. In the last 4 years we only found a 10% discount on but they removed that as to many people found out to get the discount there. So now we end up with quite a lot of sellers but all selling tickets for the price at the door. 


To only way to get a discount now is that children get free admission to the park if visiting around their birthday.

A final note

Although correct at time of writing, information provided here may be subject to change. To make sure you get the best deals always check our Europapark page as it contains a list of all active discount.