Just about every website says that your privacy is important, but with the introduction of the privacy law of 25 May 2018, companies must also take this seriously. In recent years, they have kept a lot of information about you to make personal offers, to personalize the pages and to spam you with offers via "retargeting" on other sites as well.

We do not and because we get a little itchy with all that customization and we find your privacy important, we try to tell you on this page without difficult language what you need to know when you visit Tikata

Site visit

If you visit Tikata, we will keep a close eye on you;) Of course we don't know who you are and we really don't want to know exactly what you are doing on the site. Not even outside the site, by the way. What we do want to know is whether visitors in general come back more often or if they consider the site to be done after one visit (apparently we are doing something wrong!).

We keep an eye on which pages are visited a lot and which are less. We use that information to make the site better, for example by rewriting texts or to omit pages altogether, because they are apparently not interesting.

How do we do that? With Google Analytics. Read more about this on the cookies page. In addition to Google Analytics, we sometimes also use Hotjar. That is a super hip tool with which we can see where you are with your mouse (or finger) on the page, so that we know which things you are trying to click on. You can also read more about Hotjar on the Cookies page. We also use affiliate programs. Read more about this on the cookies page.

My Tikata account

When you create an account, we ask little private data. In fact, you can make up your own name and add a picture. We have created the function "account", so that you do not have to enter your Air Miles balance every time and must indicate that you have 10 Kruidvat vouchers for the Efteling. Try it. It makes calculating the best deal a lot faster because you don't have to fill in everything every time

Mailing list

If you register for our maills (and you do this automatically when you create an account) we will keep you informed of all new tickets and offers that come to me. We promise that we will not sell your email address for a lot of money (not even for little money by the way) to large companies. We do our best to protect your data as well as possible against hackers. You can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time. Oh yes: we try to limit the number of mails to a maximum of 1 per month.

Questions or tips

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us via the contact form. We try to respond within 24 hours (in practice usually within a few minutes;)