Black Friday

Black Friday 2022, time for discounted getaways

Black Friday, Black November or whatever it's called: it's discount time every year. This year, unfortunately, a bit less extensive than previous years, but that is not surprising with all the misery in the world. Still, we have found some deals that we are going to share with you in this blog.

40% discount on a season ticket for Bobbejaanland 2023

Because many theme parks are already closed during Black Friday, you will mostly get deals on annual passes. So too at Bobbejaanland. There, you grab as much as 40% discount on a GOLD or DIAMOND pass for 2023. Normally these cost € 149,- or 99,-, but now you only pay € 90 or € 60,

The deal is available for a nice long time, by the way: between 14 November and 4 December.  All info on the deal can be found here

Almost 50% discount on Dolfinarium tickets

At the Dolfinarium last year, you could buy tickets for €9.99. That was the very lowest price we have seen in years. This year the discount does not go as far, but € 15,- for a ticket that is also valid during the Christmas holidays is a really good deal. You save almost 50%. The tickets are valid until 30 June. 

Up to 20% discount on a season ticket from Slagharen

Also at Slagharen, we see the annual discount on season tickets returning. That 20% is nice, but what is especially nice is that with the Platinum or Gold subscription, you get a huge amount of extra. For example, you also get a free ticket to Moviepark Germany, Belantis and Bobbejaanland and you also save 50% on tickets to GaiaZoo, BilyBird, Madurodam, Dolfinarium, Apenheul, WIldlands and 20% on Toverland, for example. 

P>Everything about this deal can be found here