From Monday, 10 euros discount on Efteling tickets at Kruidvat

The number of deals for the Efteling was even smaller than usual this year. Of course, we had the annual savings campaign at Albert Heijn, but a deal you didn't have to do anything for, like the Groupon deal in 2021, we unfortunately hadn't seen yet. Until now then! From Monday, you get 10 euros discount on a ticket to the Efteling. How's that? Read about it here.

10 euros discount at Kruidvat? How?

It's almost here. From Monday you can buy Winter Efteling tickets at Kruidvat. These normally cost €41,- but with this promotion, a tenner will be deducted from that, so you will be at the Efteling for just 30 euros. That immediately makes this deal the best deal of the year. Albert Heijn's savings campaign gave just a bit more discount (€12.50) but you had to do a lot of shopping for that first. 

The tickets are valid from 14 November to 23 December or from 9 January to 31 March 2023. So unfortunately not during the Christmas holidays.

All information about the deal can be found here