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Most theme parks really closed now. Time for other outings, at a discount of course

This past weekend, most Belgian amusement parks closed their doors for the winter tock. A few will continue for a few more weekends or have a revival around Christmas, but it is now really time to start looking at indoor and heated getaways. We list 3 great deals for you.

For 17 euros to Aqualibi

What could be better than splashing around in a tropical swimming paradise like Aqualibi on a rainy day? And absolutely great: with this deal, you won't pay 25 euros as at the door, but only 17 euros for a ticket. So you save over 30%

16% discount at the Atomium

Not in the mood for a wet suit? Then visit the Atomium in Brussels. Normally there's actually hardly any discount to be had, but with this deal, 16% goes off the ticket price or and you only pay €14.40 per person

Almost 40% off your Wildlands tickets

Ok, it is a zoo, so partly outdoors, but at Wildlands there are also plenty of indoor places, such as the giant tropical greenhouse or the arctic attractions. Tickets normally cost €27.50 per person, but with this deal a good tenner off that.