The biggest discount on your day out in Germany

With more than 1,250 outings on Tikata, Germany's biggest amusement parks, zoos and museums obviously cannot be left behind. At the time of writing the blog, there are almost 50, but as we keep adding outings daily, there will be many more in the near future. And of course: all of them mét discounted! 

For example: discount on an amusement park in Germany

The biggest theme parks in Europe are almost all in Germany: Phantasialand, Wunderland Kalkar, MoviePark Germany, Europapark and more. For most of these parks, you can actually always get a discount. For example, Wunderland Kalkar has a fixed "deal" price (this year €29.95 per ticket) that you see everywhere. For Europapark, you can actually never find a discount, but at MoviePark you can easily grab a 15 euro discount.  

Please note that some of these theme parks are closed in winter. Then, of course, no deals can be found at all.

But isn't that even cheaper?

Yes, of course. For example, there are also auctions for most outings in Germany. For example in the Netherlands at holiday auctions or tikcket auction, but also in Belgium (holiday auctions and Vavabid) or Germany itself (Aladoo). The principle is simple: are you looking for tickets for a German outing? Then you better look at the Dutch or Belgian sites, where the winning price is often lower than on the German auction site.

And does that also work for other outings?

Yes, of course. For zoos, museums, active outings or wherever you go: a discount can be scored for every outing. How? Search for your favorite outing on the homepage or look at this page with all German outings. Select your favorite outing and you will immediately see which deals there are at the moment.