We can tell a very difficult story about what cookies are, whether Tikata uses them and for what exactly, but to keep it simple, we describe below in plain English which cookies we use and what they do.

Google Analytics

Almost everyone who surfs on the electronic internet has heard of Google Analytics. Almost every website keeps an eye on its visitors with this tool from Google. It all sounds more exciting than it is, because we obviously don't know who you are and what you do outside of Tikata, but basically we can see how long people stay on average on the site, which pages are visited a lot and which are less . That is good to know, so that we know exactly what is going well and what is going wrong. Google also uses this data to show advertisements.


Hotjar will be a little more unknown, but what this funny tool does is show us exactly what you click on, where you enter things (not WHAT you enter) and how long you hang on a screen, for example. With these "videos" we can be precise which steps in our calculator are clear and which are less good. Like Google Analytics, this is anonymous. So we don't see who you are, just that someone on a page is doing something.


We also use Affiliate programs. Simply put: if you find a nice deal on Tikata and you click through to the site where you can buy the tickets (for example Groupon or Action of the Day), those sites will know that you have come from Why is it necessary? Because Tikata gets a small reward for the tickets that are sold (think a few percent). For a lot of tickets, there are no affiliate programs, so we earn nothing at all, because we promise to always show you the best deal we know. Regardless of whether we make money from it.


You see: it is not so bad. We really don't know who you are and what you do online. We only see broadly over large groups of people what is going well and what is not going well on Tikata.

Do you want to know more? Send us a message via the contact form and we will try to explain it even better.