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It is often a bit of a search, but there are always a few deals to be found for Efteling, so that the discount just goes up to 50%. From February 2020, Efteling has four types of cards: Fakir, Elf, Draak and Reus. These tickets all have their own validity and price which makes it a bit harder to find the best deal, but with the help of Tikata you always have the best deal.

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We didn't find any deals for this park the need a membership or savings program.

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Can you get a discount on Efteling tickets?

It takes a while, but there is always a nice discount for Efteling tickets. For example, there are sometimes offers at foreign sites such as Groupon de or there is a discount code. Every year there is also the savings campaign at Albert Heijn with which you just save € 12.50.

Is it busy in Efteling?

That depends on which day you go. Of course it is busier during the weekends and holidays than on a Wednesday in October. Yet with the crowds it is always not too bad at Efteling. The waiting times for most attractions are usually smaller than 30 minutes.

Can you park for free at De Efteling?

No, to park at De Efteling you have to buy a parking ticket. There are sometimes discount promotions where you get a parking ticket for free. And if you book an overnight stay at Efteling, you can of course also park for free.

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Europalaan 1, 5171 KW Kaatsheuvel
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