Glipperweg 4C, 2104 AK Heemstede


With 350 playground equipment and attractions, Linnaeushof is one of the largest playgrounds in Europe. Despite no mechanical attractions such as roller coasters, the park attracts more than 300,000 visitors every year.

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Is Linnaeushof open all year round?

No. Just like other amusement parks and playgrounds, Linnaeushof is only open during the summer season from about March to September. Look for the exact opening hours on the Linnaeushof site itself.

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That's difficult. In any case, you get a discount online at the outing yourself, but there are actually few promotions to be found. If we still find 1, you will of course see the promotion immediately on Tikata.

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Glipperweg 4C, 2104 AK Heemstede
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