Miniworld Rotterdam

Weena 745, 3013 AL Rotterdam

Miniworld Rotterdam

In Miniworld Rotterdam you can see no less than 650 square meters of miniature world. From polder landscapes to the architecture of Rotterdam. A day only lasts 24 minutes in Miniworld Rotterdam, so before you know it it will be night and you will see thousands of twinkling lights in the dark. The latest construction project "Great Britain" has been under construction for over 5 years!

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Can you get a discount on your tickets for Miniworld Rotterdam?

That is certainly possible. There are regular deals on national discount sites such as Tripper.

Is Miniworld Rotterdam open all year round?

No. The outing is closed for a few days a year. Therefore always check the MiniWorld site itself to prevent you from standing in front of a closed door.

Can you park for free at Miniworld Rotterdam?

Unfortunately that is not possible. You are dependent on the paid parking garages in the area.

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Weena 745, 3013 AL Rotterdam
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