Neeltje Jans

Eiland Neeltje Jans Faelweg 5 4354 RB Vrouwenpolder

Neeltje Jans

Deltapark Neeltje Jans is the most educational outing in Zeeland. This theme park is suitable for all ages: you will learn about the delta works and the 1953 flood disaster, but you will also get close to sea lions and seals, swim with sharks and get a tour of the underwater life of the Oosterschelde. Every year a few hundred thousand people come to this nice park in Zeeland. The cash register price is hefty, but...

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Is Delta Park Neeltje Jans open all year round?

No, the Delta Park is open almost every day from April to the end of October, but then only on certain days, for example during the holidays. Look for the exact opening days and times on the site of the Delta Park itself.

Can you get a discount on tickets for Delta Park Neeltje Jans?

It is a challenge, but it is possible. Apart from the online discount at Neeltje Jans himself, we have already seen deals at Ticket Auction, Tripper and the Postcode Loterij. You have to search, but it is possible.

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Eiland Neeltje Jans Faelweg 5 4354 RB Vrouwenpolder
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