Pathé Bioscoop

Kurhausweg 2, 2587RT Den Haag

Pathé Bioscoop

Pathé Netherlands is part of a large French cinema group that has a total of 101 cinemas, 30 of which are in the Netherlands. Prices often differ on weekdays (cheaper) and on weekends (more expensive). In addition, there are regional offers, you can often cheaper before noon and you pay an extra on top of the normal price for 3D, IMAX, Dolby Cinema, 4DX, Screen X or a room with special seating comfort. To k...

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Can you get a discount on your tickets for Pathé Cinema?

That is certainly possible. There are regular deals with loyalty points, but you can almost always save without loyalty points. For example, the tickets are cheaper during the week than during the weekend. Please note that you pay a surcharge for "special" films such as 3D or 4D.

Is Pathé cinema open all year round?

Yes, although it is possible that just that one cinema is closed. Therefore always look at the site of the Pathe Theater where you want to go to prevent you from standing in front of a closed door.

Can you park for free at Pathé Cinema?

That differs per location. They are usually in the center of the city so you are dependent on the paid parking garages in the area.

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Kurhausweg 2, 2587RT Den Haag