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In addition to the large branches in Zoetermeer in Landgraaf, Snowworld has recently also taken over a number of other outings: Snow Planet near Amsterdam. Ski resorts in Rucphen and Terunezen, Indoor Skydive in Roosendaal, Ayers Rock in Zoetermeer and has a minority interest in Alpenpark Neuss. Because the discount actions for Snowworld Zoetermeer and Landgraaf are always the same, we show on this page all action...

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We didn't find any deals for this park the need a membership or savings program.

Can you get a discount on your tickets for Snowworld?

That is certainly possible. There are regular deals at tickets sites, but also at HEMA or Albert Heijn, for example, with which you get up to 50% discount on ski passes of 1 hour, 2 hours or a whole day.

Is Snowworld open all year round?

The locations are not open all year round. Therefore always look at the site of your location to make sure that you are not in front of a closed door.

Can you park for free at Snowworld?

That is certainly possible. All locations have a large free parking area.

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