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Wildlands is a world full of adventure spread over 3 continents: Jungola, Serenga and Nortica. In each of these worlds you meet beautiful animals and experience your exciting adventures. And Wildlands is more than a zoo: they also have a roller coaster "tweestryd". In this double roller coaster you fight the visitors in the other trolleys as it were.

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On which days is Wildlands open?

Wildlands is open on almost every day of the year. Only on January 1 will the doors remain closed. In the high season the park is open for an hour longer than in the low season.

Can you park for free at Wildlands?

The parking lot of Wildlands is not free, but if you don't see it to walk a bit, you can park at Fletcher Hotel Emmen. From there you walk to Wildlands in 10 minutes.

Can you also spend the night in Wildlands?

Wildlands does not yet have its own accommodation options, but there are regularly deals with hotels in the area where you get a free ticket for Wildlands at an overnight stay.

Can you get tickets with a discount for Wildlands?

Yes, of course. Tickets can be found with a discount throughout the year. Sometimes with a savings program such as Air Miles, but also with discount sites such as Groupon and Social Deal. On Tikata we always list all current deals for you.

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Raadhuisplein 99, 7811 AP Emmen
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