Berlin Tour

Friedrichstraße 101 10117 Berlijn

Berlin Tour

Berlin is a city with a very long history. Recently at the centre of the Cold War, the Berlin Wall, but also a city with a history dating back to 1237. Enough reason to explore the city with a tour. You can do so on foot, by boat or by bus.

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Can you get a discount on your tickets for Berlin Tour?

That is certainly possible. There are many providers of tours through Berlin. In general, you can always start from a 40% discount on these tours.

Is Berlin Tour open all year round?

Yes, of course. Every day of the year there is a tour through Berlin. Private, in a group, with guidance or without. There is something new to experience every day.

Can you park for free at Berlin Tour?

Parking in Berlin is certainly not free, but it depends on where your tour starts. Parking is included with some providers. Check the Tour site itself to determine whether you should take into account a parking ticket or not.

Can you spend the night at Berlin Tour?

Berlin is extremely suitable for an overnight stay. There is so much to see that you could spend the night there for a whole year. For all deals including overnight stays we refer you to the site of our partner

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Friedrichstraße 101 10117 Berlijn